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A knit throw blanket is a versatile addition to any home. Not only can it serve as a comfortable place to rest your head at night, but it’s also great for blocking out the cold in the winter. If you’re looking for a knit throw blanket that will add some extra warmth to your home, you should consider one made out of wool. Wool is a natural fiber, and as such, it absorbs heat better than other fabrics. This makes it perfect for use in cold weather climates. In addition to being warm, a knit throw blanket is also stylish. You can choose from a variety of patterns and colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your decor. If you’re in the market for a new knit blanket, be sure to check out our selection here at Moosejaw!

What is a Knit Throw Blanket?

This is a crochet and knit throw blanket that is crocheted in the round and knitted in the back and forth direction. It’s a great way to keep you warm on those cold days!

What are the benefits of a Knit Throw Blanket?

A knit throw blanket is a great addition to any home. It is soft, warm and stylish. There are many benefits to having a knit throw blanket in your home. First, a knit throw blanket is incredibly soft and comfortable. You will never want to get out of it! Second, a knit throw blanket is versatile. You can use it as a bedspread, pillow cover or even a rug. Third, a knit throw blanket is affordable. Most are under $30 and they make great gifts too!

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How to make a Knit Throw Blanket

Making a knit throw blanket is super easy and super cozy! Here are the steps:

1. Begin by knitting a square of your desired size. Note, the blanket will be smaller than you think at first.

2. Next, work a border around the edge of your square using double crochet stitches. Be sure to leave a 2-3″ gap in the center for turning (see step 5).

3. Turn your blanket so that the wrong side is facing out and begin working a series of rows of hdc along the border, making sure to turn every other row (see step 6).

4. Continue working until the blanket is as wide as you’d like it to be, or until you run out of yarn (see step 7).

5. Bind off your blanket using a standard bind off method and voila! You’ve made yourself a cozy knit throw blanket!


A knit throw blanket is a perfect addition to any home, whether you are looking to keep yourself warm on chilly days or to snuggle up with your loved ones during the colder months. Not only does a knit throw blanket provide warmth and comfort, but it also doubles as a creative outlet for you — give knitting a try and see how wonderful creating your own knit throw blanket can be!