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It’s that time of year again – winter is coming. And with winter comes cold temperatures, snuggling up under a warm blanket and lots of slobbering. Not to mention, all the dirt and dried food that accumulates on blankets and furniture during the year. Ugg blanket throws are no exception. In fact, they are especially prone to collecting dirt, food crumbs and other allergens. If you live in a place with mild winters, you may not even realize how dirty your Ugg blanket throws are until it starts to snow. Then you’ll be wearing them inside instead of outside! Here’s how to wash your Ugg blanket throws: 1. Remove the blanket from the throw. If it’s machine-washed or dry-cleaned, skip this step. 2. Spot clean any spots that seem dirty or stained. Use a mild soap like dish soap or detergent and water. Harsh soaps will damage the fabric. 3. Rinse theblanket thoroughly with cool water to remove all traces of soap. 4. Hang or fold the blanket neatly and store it away in a dry place where sunlight cannot reach it.

What You’ll Need

– Ugg blanket
– Detergent
– Softener
– Bucket or large container
– Washing machine with soft cycle setting
– Rags or towels

How to Wash Ugg Blanket

If you have a ugg blanket, follow these simple steps to keep it looking new:

1. Remove the blanket from the coat hanger and shake out any excess fabric.

2. If the blanket is dry-clean only, take it to a professional cleaner and ask them to remove the tags. If the blanket is machine-washable, wash it on gentle cycle with like colors in cold water. Tumble dry low or hang to air dry.

3. If you plan on using the blanket again soon, put a light coat of anti-pill fleece protector (available at most department stores) on it before storing away.

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Tips for Cleaning Ugg Blanket

If you have a ugg blanket, it is important to keep it clean and free of dirt, dust, and other debris. Here are some tips for cleaning your ugg blanket:

1) Before using the blanket, shake it out to remove any excess material.
2) Machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with a mild soap. Tumble dry on low heat.
3) If you need to machine dry the blanket outside, place it in direct sunlight or on a warm sunny day. Do not put it in the dryer as this will damage the finish.
4) If you plan on hand washing the blanket, mix 1 cup of non-chlorine bleach with 8 cups of water in a large bowl and pour over the blanket. Soak for 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly in cool water.

How to Dry Ugg Blanket

Drying a Ugg blanket is easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

1. Remove the blanket from the hanger or rack where you stored it.
2. If the blanket is wet, shake it out and hang it to dry on a wire hanger.
3. If the blanket is dry, spread it out on a flat surface and gently roll up the edges until they are tightly wound around the middle of the blanket.
4. Use an electric dryer on low heat for 30 minutes or spin it in your hands for several minutes until it is completely dry.


Washing a Ugg throw blanket is easy, but it’s important to follow the proper washing instructions to ensure that your blanket stays in good condition. To wash a Ugg throw blanket, first remove the pillowcase and dry it separately. Next, place the blanket in a large plastic bag and fill the bag with cold water. Swish the blanket around in the water until it is fully saturated. Remove the wet blanket from the bag and hang it out to dry on a clothesline or indoors by an open window.

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