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Throws are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They’re versatile, stylish, and warm. And if you have an extra blanket lying around, why not use it as a throw? Here are a few tips on how to style a throw blanket so that it looks great in your home and can be used year-round.

What is a throw blanket?

A throw blanket is a great way to keep yourself warm on a cold day. It’s also perfect for use when you’re camping or visiting a friends house. You can put it over your legs or around your shoulders. There are many different ways to style a throw blanket. The most popular way is to tie it around your waist or hang it from the ceiling with a cord.

How to style a throw blanket

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your living space without spending a lot of money, consider investing in a throw blanket. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used as an extra layer of warmth on cold days or to create a cozy atmosphere during the evenings. Here are some tips on how to style a throw blanket:

When choosing the right blanket, make sure that it fits your decor and your needs. Blankets come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find one that matches your furniture and your personality. If you have a large living room with plenty of seating, for example, choose a rectangular or square blanket instead of something more elongated. Conversely, if you have limited space and just want something to cover up the floor while you watch TV in the bedroom, go for something smaller like an afghan or shawl.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect blanket, it’s time to start styling it! There are a few basic rules that will help you achieve any look you want: Match the color of your walls or furniture (), use neutrals like black or gray (), mix textures () and use patterns (). For example, try wrapping the blanket around yourself like a cocoon () or lay it out flat so that its edges touch () like Tatooine from Star Wars. The possibilities are endless!

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What are the different types of throws?

There are many different types of throws, and each has its own set of rules. Here are the most common types of throws:

Round Throw: A round throw is made from a circle of fabric, with ends that are attached at one point. The fabric is wrapped around your arm twice and then thrown over your shoulder.

Fold-Over Throw: This throw is made by folding a piece of fabric in half, then wrapping it around your arm. The ends are attached to the fold in the middle. To throw it, you fold the top halves of the fabric together, then lift them up and hurl them over your shoulder.

Half-Circle Throw: This type of throw is similar to a round throw, but it’s made by wrapping a rectangle of fabric around your arm three times. The ends are attached at one point on either side of the rectangle. Tothrow it, you gather the top two folds in the center and pull them tight. Then hurl them over your shoulder.

How to make a throw blanket

Making a throw blanket is easy if you have the right materials. All you need is a thick piece of fabric, some sewing supplies, and an iron. Here’s how to make one:

1. Cut your fabric into a desired size. For this blanket, I used a large rectangle measuring 48 inches by 64 inches.
2. Pin your fabric together along one long edge then cross over the other edge and pin in place.
3. Sew along the pinned edges using a zigzag or straight stitch for extra durability.
4. Trim any excess fabric then iron the finished blanket flat.

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How to care for a throw blanket

When it comes to styling a throw blanket, there are a few simple rules to follow.

1. Start with the end that you plan to use the most often. This is typically the front or back of the blanket.

2. Make sure the blanket is tightly fitted around your couch or chair and stick to one color scheme if possible.

3. If you want to add some personality to your throw, try adding a personal touch by including a photo, slogan, or favorite quote from your favorite movie or TV show.


If you’re looking for a cozy way to spend your cold winter days, a throw blanket is the perfect option. Not only can it be used as a sofa cover or bedspread, but it can also double as a picnic blanket or beach towel when you’re out and about. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to style a throw blanket in just a few easy steps. So grab an old sweater and let’s get started!