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When the cold weather hits, you know what you need: a throw blanket. But where do you find one? And how do you sew it? Fear not, dear reader! In this post, we will show you how to sew a throw blanket in just a few easy steps. From choosing the right materials to finding the right pattern, we have everything you need to make your own cozy throw blanket. So get ready to snuggle up under your blankets this winter with a little help from us!

What You Will Need

-A throw blanket is a great way to keep you warm on cold days.
-To make a throw blanket, you will need: fabric, a needle and thread, scissors, and adhesive.
-First, measure the width of your fabric and the length you want your blanket to be. Then, cut the fabric into those dimensions.
-Next, hem the edge of the fabric by sewing 1/2 inch from one end of the fabric to the other. This will help keep the edge neat and organized while you’re sewing.
-Now, sew a straight line down one side of your fabric. At the bottom of this line, turn your blanket so that it’s right side up. Sew along this newly created edge.
-Once you’ve sewn along both sides of your fabric, turn your blanket back right side out and press it gently with a hot iron if desired.
-Then, use a needle and thread to attach two buttons at either end of yourblanket (optional).

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How to Sew a Throw Blanket

To sew a throw blanket, you will need the following materials:
-Fabric for the body of the blanket
-Fabric for the edging
-Seam ripper or straight edge
-Presser foot
-Ironing board and iron

1. Cut the fabric for the body of your blanket according to your desired size. For example, if you want a rectangular throw blanket, cut two pieces of fabric that are each approximately 60×60 inches. You can also make a square or other shape if you prefer. Make sure that all of your seams are sewn before continuing.
2. Sew a seam along one long edge of each piece of fabric. Press the seams open and then stitch them together using a straight stitch or zigzag stitch. Do not stretch the fabric during stitching; otherwise, it may ravel after being washed.
3. Trim any excess fabric from both sides of your blanket so that it is even and just slightly shorter than the length of your edging material (see below).
4. Fold each Fabric Edge in half so that it forms an 1/2 inch hem on each side, then press firmly down with a steam iron to form tidy creases. Open up your hemmed edges again and press again to set the creases into place.

5. Thread one end of your thread through one hole in one corner post of your

Finishing Touches

If you don’t have a machine for making bias tape, there are several ways to finish a throw blanket.

The most common way to finish a throw blanket is to sew it together using bias tape. This type of tape is very strong and can be used to seal the edges of the blanket together. You can also use it to create a border around the edge of the throw.

Another way to finish a throw blanket is to crochet or knit it together. This method is less permanent than bias tape, but it provides an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

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