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If you have an electric blanket from Sunbeam that needs to have the cord removed, there are a few things you need to do. First, make sure that the power is off and that the blanket is unplugged. Next, find the two screws on the bottom of the controller.

These screws hold the faceplate on and also keep the cord in place. Remove these screws and set them aside. Now you can pull the faceplate off of the controller and remove the cord.

  • Locate the control box on the Sunbeam electric blanket
  • This is typically located near one of the corners of the blanket
  • Find the cord that runs from the control box to the electrical outlet
  • This cord will have two prongs that fit into the outlet
  • Pull on the cord gently to disconnect it from the outlet
  • If there is resistance, make sure that both prongs are fully disconnected from the outlet before continuing
  • Follow the cord back to where it connects to the control box
  • There will likely be a small clip or latch holding the cord in place
  • Disengage this clip or latch and carefully pull the cord out of the control box
  • Be careful not to damage any of the wiring inside
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How to Remove Cord from Electric Blanket to Wash

If your electric blanket has a removable cord, it’s easy to remove it for washing. Most cords are attached with a simple plug that can be pulled out. Some blankets have Velcro or snaps that hold the cord in place.

Once you’ve removed the cord, you can wash the blanket in your washing machine on the gentle cycle. Be sure to use cold water and mild detergent. Don’t put your electric blanket in the dryer – hang it up to dry instead.

How to Remove Cord From Sunbeam Electric Blanket


How Do You Take the Power Cord off an Electric Blanket?

Most electric blankets have a removable power cord that allows you to easily remove the cord for storage or cleaning. To remove the power cord from an electric blanket, first unplug the cord from the wall outlet. Then, locate the power cord connection on the blanket itself.

This is usually located near one of the corners of the blanket. Finally, disconnect the power cord from the blanket by gently pulling on the cord until it comes free.

How Do You Clean a Sunbeam Electric Blanket?

Assuming you need to clean the entire blanket: -Start by unplugging the blanket and removing any removable covers. -If your model has a cord storage compartment, open it up and tuck the cord inside to keep it out of the way.

-Next, vacuum any loose debris from the surface of the blanket using a handheld vacuum or attachment. Be sure to go over all nooks and crannies, especially along seams where dirt and dust can accumulate. -If there are any spots or stains on the blanket, treat them with a prewash stain remover or gentle laundry detergent before moving on to washing.

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-Now it’s time to wash! Sunbeam recommends machine washing their electric blankets in warm water on the delicate cycle with mild detergent. You can also add a cup of white vinegar to the load to help freshen things up and kill any lingering germs or bacteria.

-Once washed, dry your blanket on low heat or no heat if possible. If you must use high heat, make sure to check that your particular model is safe for tumble drying on high first.

How Do You Open a Sunbeam Electric Blanket Controller?

Assuming you need to replace the controller on your Sunbeam electric blanket: To open the controller, start by removing the front and back covers. Next, remove the screws that hold the control panel in place.

Finally, carefully disconnect the wires from the old controller and attach them to the new one.

How Do You Set Up a Sunbeam Electric Blanket?

If you’re looking for a little extra warmth this winter, consider investing in a Sunbeam electric blanket. Not only will it keep you toasty on those cold nights, but it can also save you money on your heating bill. Here’s how to set up your new Sunbeam electric blanket:

1. Start by reading the manufacturer’s instructions that came with your blanket. This will ensure that you’re using the blanket safely and correctly. 2. Place the blanket on your bed with the cord facing down.

Make sure that the cord is not tangled or kinked. 3. Plug the cord into a household outlet, and then use the controller to turn on the blanket.

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4. Use the controller to adjust the heat setting to your desired level of warmth.

If you start to feel too warm, simply turn down the heat setting or unplug the blanket altogether. 5..

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If your Sunbeam electric blanket has a detachable cord, you can easily remove it for cleaning or storage. Simply unplug the cord from the power outlet and unscrew the retaining nut from the bottom of the control unit. You can then pull the cord out through the hole in the unit.

If your blanket does not have a detachable cord, you will need to take it to a qualified service center for repair.