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With the weather starting to get colder, it’s time to start bundling up in style. But what if you don’t have a warm blanket or quilt? What if you don’t have any old blankets at all? Fear not! With a little bit of time and effort, you can make your own fuzzy throw blanket. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a fuzzy throw blanket using simple materials that you probably already have lying around your house. By following our step-by-step instructions, you will be able to create your very own cozy throw blanket in no time.

Materials needed

Materials needed:
-Fabric glue
-Hot glue gun or other adhesive
-Yarn needle
1. Begin by cutting the blanket into desired size. For a fuzzy blanket, go with a smaller size. A good rule of thumb is to cut the blanket in half and then in thirds to get the desired size. If you’re making a larger fuzzy blanket, simply make it the desired size and don’t worry about cutting it in half or thirds. 2. begin by folding the blanket in half along one long edge so that the two long sides are now together. Next, fold each short end over so that they meet at the center of the blanket folded in half. now, press down on each end to make sure they’re firmly attached. Fuzziness will be added later on, so press firmly! 3. Next, begin sewing the ends together using a stitch length of about ½ inch (1 cm). Make sure to backstitch at both ends to reinforce your stitches! Be sure not to leave any gaps between each seam as this will create fuzziness when you sew them up! 4. Now it’s time for the fun part! Start adding fuzz by taking one strand of yarn and threading it through one of the stitches at either end of your newly sewn blanket seam (make sure not to twist your yarn!). Once you have your yarn threaded through the

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How to make a fuzzy throw blanket

There are many ways to make a fuzzy throw blanket. Some people use yarn and needles, while others use felt and a crochet hook. The most important part of making a fuzzy throw blanket is to be creative! There are endless possibilities for what you could make a fuzzy throw blanket out of.

Here are some ideas for making your own fuzzy throw blanket:

-Make a blanket out of colorful yarns. You could use different colors for the main body of the blanket and different colors for the fringe. This would create a very vibrant and eye-catching piece.

-Make a blanket out of thick furry fabric. Furry fabrics provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort, so they are perfect for creating a cozy fuzzy throw blanket.

-Create a pattern using different colored yarns or felt squares. This would give your fuzzy throw blanket an intricate design that would be beautiful to look at and feel cocoon-like when you curl up inside it.


Making a fuzzy throw blanket is an easy and fun project that can be enjoyed by the whole family. All you need are some basic materials and a bit of patience, and you’ll have a soft and cuddly blanket in no time. Here are the steps to making your own fuzzy throw blanket: 1) Start by cutting out two pieces of fabric that are about 18 inches square. You will want one piece for the front of the blanket, and one for the back. 2) Cut each piece of fabric into rectangles that are about 4 inches wide by 6 inches long. (You will also want to cut out a few extra strips measuring approximately 2 feet long). 3) Sew the rectangles together along one short edge, leaving a 1-inch opening at both ends. Do not sew through the Fuzzy Throw Blanket Fabric! 4) Turn the blanket right-side out through this opening, press it lightly with a warm iron, then finish sewing up the opening using needle nose pliers or zigzag stitch (see photo below). Make sure there are no holes or tears in your Fuzzy Throw Blanket Fabric! 5) Use your remaining strips to make fringe on all four sides of

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