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What’s the best way to keep warm on a frigid day? Warmth, of course! And what’s better than a big ol’ blanket? A chunky one, of course! That’s why we’re bringing you this tutorial on how to knit a chunky throw blanket. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to knit, this is the perfect tutorial for you. Not only will you be able to make your own chunky throw blanket, but you’ll also learn some helpful techniques along the way. So get ready to cozy up on your new blanket!

What You’ll Need

To knit a chunky throw blanket, you will need the following supplies:

-Wool yarn in various colors
-Circular knitting needle 29 inches or 75 cm long
-Stitch marker
-Tapestry needle

How to Knit the Blanket

How to Knit the Blanket

This chunky throw blanket is perfect for a chilly night. It’s easy to knit and you can change the size by knitting more or fewer rounds. The pattern includes written instructions and a photo tutorial.

-150 yards of sport weight yarn in color A (for main body of blanket)
-50 yards of sport weight yarn in color B (for border)
-1 size G/6 (4mm) crochet hook
-Stitch markers
-Tapestry needle

Tips for Making a Chunky Throw Blanket

There’s nothing like a warm, snuggly throw blanket to welcome in the cold weather. But sometimes making one is a bit daunting. After all, knitting a chunky blanket can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. If you follow these tips, though, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and sturdy throw blanket in no time.

1) Choose the right yarn. Chunky yarn is perfect for this type of project because it’s dense and warm. You don’t need as much of it as you would for something like a stocking stitch blanket, so get started with a smaller amount of yarn.

2) Stock up on needles. It might sound strange, but having enough needles will make your life easier when knitting with chunky yarn. You won’t have to switch between different sizes as often, which will save you time and frustration.

3) Take your time. Don’t rush yourself; knitting a chunky blanket is definitely worth the effort! The more stitches you manage to put together at once, the thicker and warmer your throw will be.

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If you’re looking for a versatile project that can be used as a throw blanket, knitted in any color, or even made into a cowl, then you will love this chunky knit blanket. It is sure to become one of your favorite blankets and can be made using any yarn weight or type of knitting. Whether you are new to knitting or an experienced crocheter, I know that you will enjoy making this chunky knit blanket.