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Gift giving is a time-honored tradition, and there’s nothing quite like a good throw blanket to snuggle up under on a cold winter night. But what if you don’t have any friends or family nearby to give you one? Fear not, avid homemaker that you are! In this blog post, we will teach you how to hang up a throw blanket in no time at all. From measuring your space to knotting the loops, read on to get started.

The History of Throw Blankets

Over time, throw blankets have developed into an all-around favorite gift to give. Whether you’re looking for a cozy way to keep warm on a cold day or want to add some extra comfort to a bed at night, these versatile pieces of fabric are perfect for almost any situation.

Throw blankets have been around since the 16th century, when they were created as bed coverings in colder climates. Early versions of the blanket were made out of woolen cloth that was covered in fur or feathers, and they were used primarily as sleeping surfaces.

As throw blankets became more popular and available in different sizes and colors, people began using them for other purposes too. Some people use them as substitutes for curtains or covers during summertime BBQs; others use them as makeshift floor mats or tablecloths when hosting a party.

Regardless of how you plan to use your throw blanket, one thing is for sure: these versatile pieces of fabric will make your life just a little bit easier!

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How to Hang a Throw Blanket

There are a few different ways to hang up a throw blanket. The easiest way is to use a hanger that comes with the blanket. You can also buy an extra-long hanger if you need to. Just make sure the hanger is tall enough so that the blanket hangs down evenly from both ends.

If you don’t have a hanger, you can also use bungee cords or wire hangers. Just be sure to adjust the height of the cord or wire so that it’s evenly stretched across the width of the blanket.

Tips for Hanging a Throw Blanket

There are a few tips to follow when hanging a throw blanket that will ensure it hangs evenly and looks great.

1. Measure the width of the blanket and multiply by two. This will be the measurement for the length of string needed to hang the blanket horizontally.
2. Cut the string exactly to this length and tie one end in a knot close to the ends of the fabric.
3. Take the other end and tie it in a knot about 1 foot from where you tied the first knot, creating an “X” pattern.
4. Hang the looped end of the string off of one corner of your bed frame or headboard, making sure not to pull too tight on either end of the cord or strings because they may start to fray over time.


There’s nothing more cozy and inviting than a throw blanket, which is why it makes sense to have one in every room. If you’re new to hanging up throw blankets, this guide will teach you the basics of how to do it properly so that your blanket stays looking nice for years to come. Be sure to practice a few times before putting your new skills into action, so that you don’t end up with an ugly throw blanket on your bed.

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