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Throw blankets are one of the most popular pieces of home decor. They’re cozy, comfortable, and versatile. But how many times have you wondered where all that yarn went? In this blog post, we’ll answer that question and provide some tips on how to estimate how much yarn you need to make a throw blanket. From there, you can start planning your project and getting started on those woolly arms and legs!

What is a throw blanket?

A throw blanket is a type of quilt made from a large piece of fabric, usually about 60 inches wide and 90 inches long. The fabric is folded in half, then each half is sewn together along one side, leaving athrow blanket with a hemmed edge.

To make the blanket larger or smaller, simply add or subtract rows of stitching. Because there’s no right or wrong way to make a throw blanket, you can create any design or pattern you like.

Like all quilts, a throw blanket is best when it’s warm and cozy. It can be used as an extra layer of warmth on cold days, or as a comfortable place to relax after spending the day on the couch.

What are the different types of yarns?

There are many different types of yarn, each with its own unique properties and benefits. The three most popular types of yarn are cotton, wool, and acrylic.
Cotton is the most common type of yarn, and it’s the least expensive. It’s soft, durable, and easy to care for. Wool is a more expensive option than cotton, but it’s also softer, warmer, and more durable than cotton. Acrylic is a type of synthetic fiber that’s popular because it has a variety of qualities that make it a good choice for some projects (like throw blankets) and not others (like socks).

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How much yarn should I use for a throw blanket?

When making a throw blanket, you will need to calculate how much yarn you will need based on the size and shape of your blanket. Here are some tips:
-Make a toile (a cloth mock-up) of the blanket before starting to knit with it to get an idea of the size and shape you want.
-For a rectangular or square throw blanket, use around 150 yards of yarn.
-For a round or oval throw blanket, use around 200 yards of yarn.
-For a heart or star shaped throw blanket, use around 250 yards of yarn.

How to make a throw blanket

Looking for a fun and easy way to keep your living room warm this winter? Make a throw blanket! With just a few yards of yarn, you can create a cozy addition to your home that everyone can use.

To make your throw blanket, you will need:

– yarn in two colors (we used yellow and cream)

– knitting needles appropriate for the yarn you are using (size 7 or 8)

– tapestry needle

Step One:Cast on 40 stitches. Place marker and join into the round. Knit every round until blanket is desired length. Change color to begin working pattern.

Step Two:For each row of pattern, knit 3 stitches, purl 2 stitches. Repeat rows until blanket is finished. Bind off loosely in desired color. Weave in ends and enjoy!


Depending on the size and weight of your blanket, you might need anywhere from a half-ball to 2 whole balls of yarn. Remember to multiply this number by 2 if you’re using a really bulky or heavy yarn!

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