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Throw blankets may not seem like the most important piece of furniture in your home, but trust us, they are. Not only do they keep you warm on cold winter nights, but they can also come in handy for days when the weather is just too hot to handle. And if you’re someone who likes to have a lot of throw blankets around, you’ll be happy to know that the norm for these blankets is rather large. In fact, depending on the size and shape of your bed, a throw blanket may easily measure 50×60 inches or more. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your bedroom and make it more comfortable, check out our guide on how to choose the right throw blanket for your needs.

What Is A Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is a large, rectangular piece of cloth typically used as a decorative or insulation layer on the floor. They are available in many different sizes and can accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. A throw blanket should be measured by its widest point, not its length.

The Different Types of Throw Blankets

There are a few different types of throw blankets on the market, but what does that mean for you? Here’s a breakdown of the different types so you can decide which one is right for you:

Standard Throw Blanket

This is probably the most common type of blanket and it’s just a big rectangle. It can be used as a cover or a comfortable place to sit while watching TV or reading.

Throws-Away Blanket

This is similar to the standard blanket, but it has Velcro straps so you can easily divide it in half or thirds if needed. This is great if you want to use it as an extra layer during cold weather, or to cover up some furniture when not in use.

King-sized Throw Blanket

If you’re looking for something bigger, then the king-sized throw blanket is perfect for you. It’s about twice as large as the standard blanket and perfect for covering up a entire bed or couch. Plus, its soft fabric will make you feel cozy and warm all night long.

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How Big Is A Normal Throw Blanket?

As a throw blanket, the normal size is 54″x79″. However, this can vary depending on the manufacturer.


Now that you know how to thread a needle and make a basic throw blanket, it’s time to learn some tips on how big your blanket should be. Your blanket should be big enough to cover the person lying down, but not so large that it becomes cumbersome or takes up too much space. Make sure to follow these guidelines and you’ll be able to create the perfect throwblanket for your needs.