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Yes, you can put a blanket over an electric blanket. Electric blankets generate heat by using electricity to convert the thermal energy into infrared radiation. The radiant heat is then absorbed by objects in its path, like people or animals.

Blankets provide insulation against this heat loss by trapping the air close to the body and providing a barrier between the person and the colder outside air.

  • 1) Before getting into bed, lay the electric blanket over the mattress
  • 2) Plug in the electric blanket and turn it on to the desired heat setting
  • 3) Once the electric blanket is warmed up, spread a regular blanket over it
  • 4) Get into bed and enjoy the warmth of the two blankets!

Electric Blanket Over Or under

When it comes to electric blankets, there are two schools of thought: over or under. Which is the best way to go? There are pros and cons to both methods.

If you put your electric blanket over your comforter, it will be easier to wash the comforter separately from the blanket. However, this can also create more wrinkles in your bedding. Putting the electric blanket under your comforter is generally considered the better option because it eliminates the risk of wrinkling and makes it less likely that you’ll accidentally kick off the blanket in the middle of the night.

Plus, if you have a duvet cover, it will protect your electric blanket from spills and other accidents.

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Can You Put Blanket Over Electric Blanket


Can You Put Anything on Top of an Electric Blanket?

Yes, you can put anything on top of an electric blanket as long as it does not have any sharp objects that could puncture the heating wires. Electric blankets have a layer of insulation between the heating wires and the fabric so there is no risk of electrocution. However, if you are using a thin bedspread or comforter, be sure to tuck it in around the edges of the electric blanket to prevent it from slipping off.

Where Should I Put My Electric Blanket on the Bed?

Most electric blankets have controls that allow you to adjust the heat level. It’s important to choose a setting that is comfortable for you, as too much heat can be dangerous. When using an electric blanket, it’s important to place it on the bed in a way that will prevent it from slipping during the night.

You also want to make sure that the cords are not dangling off the edge of the bed where they could be a tripping hazard. The best way to position an electric blanket is to drape it over the mattress and tuck it in at the sides and foot of the bed. This will keep it securely in place and prevent any accidental detachment during use.

Can You Put a Cover on an Electric Blanket?

Most electric blankets come with a removable cover, making it easy to wash the outer layer when necessary. If your electric blanket doesn’t have a removable cover, you can still put a cover over it, but make sure there is enough space between the fabric layers so that heat can circulate properly.

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What Should You Not Do With an Electric Blanket?

Electric blankets are a great way to stay warm in bed, but there are some things you should avoid doing with them. Here are four things you should not do with your electric blanket: 1. Don’t use it on high heat.

Electric blankets can get very hot, so it’s important to use them on the lowest setting that is comfortable for you. Using an electric blanket on high heat can cause burns or fires. 2. Don’t fold or bunch up the electric blanket.

This can damage the wires inside and make the blanket unsafe to use. 3. Don’t wash your electric blanket in the washing machine. Washing machines can also damage the wires inside electric blankets.

Instead, spot clean your blanket as needed with a damp cloth. 4. Don’t leave your electric blanket turned on all night long. Turn it off when you’re ready to go to sleep, and unplug it from the outlet so it doesn’t overheat while you’re sleeping.

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If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to put a blanket over your electric blanket, the answer is yes! Putting a blanket over your electric blanket can actually help extend its life. The reason is that electric blankets tend to get damaged when they’re left on for long periods of time.

By placing a blanket over the top, you can prevent this damage from happening.